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About Ingrid

Growing up in Washington DC, Ingrid had the privilege to explore the many museums, and celebrate the city's diversity. The girl with an active imagination, graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2020 with a BFA in fashion design. Ingrid is a true adventurer and entrepreneur, working in many fields while running her Kitschy Queens business, where her quirky fashion, sustainability, and wearable art interests meld. Currently, Ingrid resides in West Palm Beach, Florida as an e-commerce manager for antiques.

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Design Philosophy

I design with a glass half full mentality, creating looks that exude positive energy. My concepts usually rooted in comedy, optimism, camp, using innovation to use found or second hand materials. I pull inspiration from pop culture, novels, and found objects when developing prints. I love using bright colors, campy themes, kitschy motifs, and bold prints to make the wearer feel warm and confident. Always making collections for those who seize the day with positivity. Funky, happy clothing designed to feed our souls, and fuel smiles. :)

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